Audio is the new visual

News 01:03 March 2023:

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SoundCloud is the new place to promote anything from music to comedy to business. Podcasts are the new wave in promoting audio content. Anyone can create a basic profile for no cost and upload up to three hours of audio media….music, informative podcasts, business adverts, promos…the options are endless. SoundCloud is the social media hub with millions of active users everyday!

In today’s busy world, not everyone has time to sit and watch hours of video footage, so

audio media is the new way for people to get connected to the digital world. Everyone has either a smartphone, Ipad, tablet, PC, MP3 player..or all of the above. And everyone has at least one social media platform that they regularly. So it makes perfect sense to promote audio content on SoundCloud.

Creating an account is simple and fun. Dress up the account to make it look appealing and start uploading soundbytes. Once audio material starts getting plays, the account will start getting SoundCloud Likes for their content. This ultimately leads to more  SoundCloud Followers as podcasts acquire a larger audience.

It’s would be crazy not to take advantage of free advertising! Check out SoundCloud today and get connected to the hottest place for audio digital media!